Olimpias Group S.r.l. is an Italian leader in the supply of products and services for the textile sector.

Created from the merger of various manufacturing companies with strong roots in the territory, today it represents the very real expression of Italian expertise thanks to the reliability, creative capacity and quality of what it offers.

Bolstered by its size and large industrial organisation, Olimpias is able to supply a wide, diversified range of products that are manufactured in its Olimpias Yarns, Olimpias Fabrics and Olimpias Labels divisions, which implement the best technologies and skills available.

One large company on the cutting edge of the European manufacturing scene.

Olimpias’ globally responsible approach is oriented towards the continuous search for products and processes that meet the highest environmental sustainability standards and can be seen in the development of projects to reduce pollution, reuse materials and make the most of natural resources.

The Olimpias Group is a large structured industrial company that is dedicated to the close integration of manufacturing processes and continuous improvement, so much so that it is one of the most reliable, active and innovative partners in Europe.

The Olimpias Group cares about the health of the environment, which is why it has embraced the strictest sustainability policies and invests in projects that make its production increasingly environmentally friendly.